Two cases about mesh adhesion to intra-abdominal cavitytissue after using mesh to repair an incisional hernia

Wenxian Guan, Xuefeng Xia, Xiaofeng Lu, Xing Kang, Ji Miao, Kai Zhang


Abdominal incisional hernia is a common postoperative complication. With the development of a new type of surgical anti-adhesion mesh, mesh repair has become a widely-adopted procedure, particularly in the laparoscopic era. However, there were few reports about use of these new meshes to repair incisional hernia in the abdominal cavity. In this report, we present two cases: one a 72-year-old male and the other a 62-year-old female. Both of those patients suffered incisional hernias during abdominal operations, and therefore underwent open incisional hernia anti-adhesion mesh repair operations. Both of them had recurrent incisional hernias after the first repair operation. During the second hernia repair operation via laparoscopy, tissue from the intestine and omentum were found to have adhered seriously to the old meshes, which could cause many serious problems. We need to pay more attention to the issue of adhesion, try to determine possible reasons and improve in our future work.


How to cite this:Xia X, Lu X, Kang X, Miao J, Zhang K, Guan W. Two cases about mesh adhesion to intra-abdominal cavity tissue after using mesh to repair an incisional hernia. Pak J Med Sci. 2017;33(4):1018-1021.   doi:

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