Mean platelet volume in Graves’ disease: A sign of hypermetabolism rather than autoimmunity?

Gülay Simsek Bagir, Filiz Eksi Haydardedeoglu, Okan Bakiner, Emre Bozkirli, Melek Eda Ertorer


Objective: To evaluate the impact of mean platelet volume (MPV) on predicting disease course among patients with Graves’ disease (GD).

Methods: This retrospective study was performed between 2013-2016 at the Outpatient Endocrinology Clinic of Baskent University Faculty of Medicine, Adana hospital on 65 patients with GD. Among participants, 30 cases experienced thyrotoxicosis again during the first six months after discontinuing anti-thyroid drug (ATD) sessions that had been carried out for at least 12 months prior to stopping (Relapse group). We also observed 35 patients who exhibited normal thyroid functions within six months following ATD withdrawal (Remission group). MPV levels and thyroid function tests were recorded and total duration of ATD therapy was calculated for all participants.

Results: The mean MPV level that was measured at the time of drug withdrawal did not differ between groups, being 8.0±1.2 fL in the Relapse group vs. 8.0±1.0 fL in the Remission group (p=0.81). However, we found that the relapse MPV was higher than the withdrawal MPV in the Relapse group (9.2±1.3 fL) than it was in the Remission group (8.0±1.2 fL, p=0.00).

Conclusions: Higher relapse MPV in Relapse group but similar MPV levels in both groups at ATD withdrawal may be attributed to hypermetabolism or hyperthyroidism rather than autoimmunity of GD. 

Abbreviations: BMI: Body mass index. GD: Graves’ disease. MPV: Mean platelet volume. TSH: Thyroid-stimulating hormone. TRAbs: Thyrotropin receptor antibodies.ATD: Anti-thyroid drug fT4: Free thyroxine. fT3: Free triiodothyronineCBC: Complete blood count. PTC: Papillary thyroid carcinoma.


How to cite this:Bagir GS, Haydardedeoglu FE, Bakiner OS, Bozkirli E, Ertorer ME. Mean platelet volume in Graves’ disease: A sign of hypermetabolism rather than autoimmunity?. Pak J Med Sci. 2017;33(4):871-875.   doi:

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