Revisional laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in failed gastric banding and effects of exercise and frequent sweet-eating on its outcome

Hamed A AlWadaani, Abdul Qadeer Memon


Objective: To find out effectiveness of revisional laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (RLSG) in the patients who had laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB) and failed to reduce or regained the weight and effectiveness of sweet abstaining and exercise on postoperative weight loss.

Methods: This retrospective observational study was conducted at AlMoosa Hospital, Al-Ahsa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from December 2011 to November 2016. The patients who failed to reduce, regained the weight or had complications after LAGB, were performed RLSG. They were followed-up at three, six, twelve and twenty-four months intervals. Their weight, percent excess weight loss (%EWL) and body mass index (BMI) at pre-RLSG were compared with post-RLSG. The data was recorded in SPSS 22 and analyzed.

Results: Thirty-six patients with male/female ratio of 1:5 underwent RLSG. Twelve (33.3%) were frequent sweet-eaters and twenty-four (66.7%) were not. Fourteen (38.88%) did not have exercise, while twenty-two (61.11%) had daily regular exercise. Their mean pre-RLSG weight, percent excess weight loss (%EWL)and BMI were compared with post-RLSG at the period of three, six, twelve and twenty-four months. Their mean weight reduced from 111.69 kilograms to 96.94, 87.25, 79.56 and 76.11 kilograms respectively. Their mean of the percent excess weight loss (%EWL) reduced to 22.08, 45.75, 59.64 and 66.42 kilograms respectively. Their mean pre-RLSG BMI was 43.50 kg.m-2, which reduced to the mean of 37.79, 34.02, 30.97 and 29.70 respectively. There were no post-operative complications in thirty (83.3%), mild like wound infection and seroma in four (11.1%) and bleeding in two (5.6%) patients. None of the patients had leakage. The patients who kept themselves abstained from sweet consumption and performed regular postoperative exercise had better results. They also had considerable reduction in appetite after RLSG.

Conclusion: RLSG is an effective procedure after failed LAGB in terms of weight loss having minimal rate of complications. Moreover, abstaining from sweet consumption and continuing exercise postoperatively has better results.


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