Posterior occipito cervical decompression with fixation and fusion in Cranio vertebral junction compression

Lal Rehman, Iram Bokhari, Ali Afzal, Shakeel Ahmad


Objective: To find out the clinical outcome of posterior decompression with occipitocervical fixation and fusion in patients with Craniovertebral junction instability.

Methods: Eighty consecutive patients of cranio vertebral junction (CVJ) compression were treated in the department of neurosurgery, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), Karachi over a period of 05 years from 1st January 2012 till 31st August 2016. All patients underwent posterior decompression with occipitocervical fusion (OCF) and fixation. The clinical outcome was assessed by Japanese Orthopedic Association (JOA) score and grading.

Results: Out of 80 patients with CVJ instability, 64 (80%) were due to non traumatic causes, while 16 (20%) were secondary to trauma. All 80 patients(100%) showed post operative relief in pain. Sixty four (80%) patients showed improvement in power post operatively while six (7.5%) had no change, four (5%) showed deterioration and six (7.5%) patients expired. Sixty four (80%) patients had improvement of the JOA scores at last follow-up. According to etiology, the JOA score for patients with trauma improved in 12(75%) patients and 52(81.25%) for non traumatic causes while six patients (7.5%) expired. Fusion was achieved in 64 (80%) patients at last followup.

Conclusion: Posterior decompression with occipitocervical fusion and fixation is safe and can be recommended in cases of CVJ compression.


How to cite this:Rehman L, Bokhari I, Afzal A, Ahmad S. Posterior occipito cervical decompression with fixation and fusion in Cranio vertebral junction compression. Pak J Med Sci. 2017;33(5):1194-1198.   doi:

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