Clinicopathological features associated to MiRNA-195expression in patients with breast cancer: Evidence of a potential biomarker

Farkhunda Nadeem, Hanif Muhammad, Akhtar Ahmed, Qamar Jamal, Adnan Khan


Background & Objective: MiRNAs are a systematic class of small non-coding RNAs with impending role as tumor biomarkers. Our objective was to identify the level of expression of Mir-195 in patients with breast cancer along with its correlation with clinicopathologic features.

Methods: A total of 209 females in which 139 histologically diagnosed breast cancer (BC) cases and 70 healthy controls matched for age, their relative clinical and histopathological findings were recorded from their laboratory reports and hospital record of the patients. Plasma was used for extraction of total RNA and cDNA was prepared by using both miR-195 stem loop RT primers and gene specific antisense primers while U6 IT was used as control. Quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR) for miR-195 expression status was performed and amplification (down regulation) was recorded.

Results: Of 139 samples the expression of miR-195 was down regulated in 72.6% cases and the remaining 27.3% cases behaved same as 70 healthy or normal controls. Significant correlation of low miR-195 expression with higher differentiation grade, lymph node metastasis and clinical stage was found.

Conclusion: Significant correlation between miR-195 expression and some clinicopathological features were recognized. MiR-195 could be used as potential non-invasive, molecular biomarker for early detection of breast cancer.


How to cite this:Nadeem F, Hanif M, Ahmed A, Jamal Q, Khan A. Clinicopathological features associated to MiRNA-195 expression in patients with breast cancer: Evidence of a potential biomarker. Pak J Med Sci. 2017;33(5):1242-1247.   doi:

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