Visual and anatomical outcome of macular hole surgery at a tertiary healthcare facility

Komalta Kumari, Muhammad Ali Tahir, Alyscia Miriam Cheema


Objective: To assess visual and anatomical outcome of full thickness macular hole (FTMH) surgery with ILM peeling using brilliant blue G dye.

Methods: Thirty patients who had clinically evident macular hole were selected. Pre-operative Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) was done. In all cases vitrectomy was performed via 23 guage 3 ports pars plana (3PPV) vitrectomy system and Brilliant blue G dye, 0.5ml dye was injected over macula which resulted in light blue stain of ILM and peeling was performed around hole in circular motion and after gas fluid exchange gas tamponade with SF6 was done. Final visual and anatomical outcome was measured as postoperative BCVA and postoperative OCT at three months respectively. Descriptive statistics were computed. Paired t-test was applied. P value ≤0.05 were considered as significant.

Results: There were 12 male and 18 female patients. The mean age was 57.40±4.76 years. The mean size of macular hole was 452.20±242.33μm. The mean duration of symptoms was 16.73±13.49 weeks. Mean pre operative BCVA was 1.30±0.73 log MAR and post operative was 0.51±0.23 log MAR. Mean increased BCVA was found to be 0.22±0.13 log MAR. Primary closure of hole was achieved in 29(96.7%).Significant mean difference was found in pre operative and post operative BCVA.

Conclusion: Brilliant blue G exhibits sufficient staining qualities and safety profile to peel ILM in the management of full thickness macular hole with significant visual and anatomical improvement.


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