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Medical Education Journal Club: Two years’ experience at King Saud University

Samina A. Khan, Mona M. Soliman


Objective: Medical Education Journal Club is an evidence-based approach to teach and learn critical appraisal techniques on available literature. This study evaluates the implementation and experience of two academic years of Journal club at Medical Education Department, King Saud University.

Methods: We started JC in 2015 at medical education department, KSU. An invitation with a published paper and event poster were sent 2 weeks prior of the session to participants. A traditional one-group posttest design with open item survey were conducted at the end of every session.

Results: A total of 12 sessions were conducted in total. The average attendance of 26 (Male: 42/79, 53.1%) and (Female: 31/79, 39.2%) with mix of professors, associate and assistant professors. The MEJC had a positive effect on participant’s session expectations (45/79, 92.4%), and had increased their knowledge of the field (73/79, 92.4%). It was observed that the attendance of event depends on the speaker for the event. The sessions have also arisen the need of trainings and other scientific activities.

Conclusions: MEJC is an educational activity that can play important aspect in providing high quality healthcare teachings. We conclude that the success and consistency of MEJC depends on speaker. It commensurate the audience interest to attend and learn. While proper advertisement of event, and regular attendance also plays a vital role in this regard.

Abbreviations: JC: Journal Club MEJC: Medical Education Journal ClubKSU: King Saud University BB: BlackBoard.


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