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by Claire Leitney (2017-05-13)

When researching for found this statement: "the sheer number of people in our prosperous, at-peace societies who don’t seem to want to live in liberalism’s end of history anymore".
The notion that the 'sheer number' have rejected liberalism after a thoughtful and well-read comparison of competing political philosophies is simply laughable.
The 'sheer number' are understandably dismayed at the lack of well-paying jobs, and the invasion of their culture by people who don't look or behave like they do. They have also been misled into believing the latter is somehow causing the former.
None of this has anything to do with liberalism or conservatism - unless you think that liberals are against well-paying jobs, or that conservatives want to let refugees rot in hell.
Globalization (the root cause of both issues above) has occurred because of dramatic improvements in communications and transportation. You can try to live with it, or you can try to put the genie back in the bottle.

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