Vol 33, No 6 (2017)

November – December 2017

Pak J Med Sci

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial

Accreditation System and Standards for Medical Education in Pakistan: It’s time we raise the bar PDF
Ahsan Sethi, Arshad Javaid

Short Communication

How to run a successful Journal PDF
Shaukat Ali Jawaid, Masood Jawaid
Micro-Feedback Training: Learning the art of effective feedback PDF
Najma Baseer, Usman Mahboob, James Degnan

Original Articles

Spectrum of Celiac disease in Paediatric population: Experience of Tertiary Care Center from Pakistan PDF
Danish Abdul Aziz, Misha Khalid, Fozia Memon, Kamran Sadiq
Difference of efficacy between Laparoscopic Modified Soave operation and Open Radical Resection in the treatment of Hirschsprung’s disease PDF
Yali Tian, Tianting Shi, Fang Wang, Yurui Wu
Combined Detection of Urinary Micro Albumin, α1‑microglobulinand N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase in the Early Diagnosis of Diabetic Nephropathy PDF
Xuejun Zhang, Hongyan Zhou, Yan Li
Comparison of corneal morphological characteristics between diabetic and non diabetic population PDF
Qamar Ul Islam, Mohammad Asim Mehboob, Zulfiqar Ali Amin
Examination of short and long term complications of thermocautery, plastic clamping, and surgical circumcision techniques PDF
Ahmet Ali Tuncer, Elif Emel Ayar Erten
Retinal and Choroidal Thickness in Patients with High Myopia without Maculopathy PDF
Kuddusi Teberik, Murat Kaya
Effectiveness of Test-Enhanced Learning (TEL) in lectures for undergraduate medical students PDF
Aisha Ayyub, Usman Mahboob
Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety among Women attending Primary Health Care in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), Pakistan PDF
Sadiq Hussain, Sabih Ahmad, Anum Zahra, Naila Jabeen
Association of Vitamin D deficiency and VDBP gene polymorphismwith the risk of AMI in a Pakistani population PDF
Mujtaba Mubashir, Shaheena Anwar, Asal Khan Tareen, Naseema Mehboobali, Khalida Iqbal, Mohammad Perwaiz Iqbal
Determinants of health expenditure in OECD countries: A decision tree model PDF
Nesrin Akca, Seda Sönmez, Ali Yılmaz
Lateral mass screw fixation in cervical spine injury PDF
Lal Rehman, Iram Bukhari, Ali Afzal, Raza Rizvi
Smoking Cessation with Medication and Behaviour Therapy PDF
Memet Taskın Egici, Güzin Zeren Öztürk, Mulazim Hussain Bukhari, Dilek Toprak
Association between body mass index and activities of daily living in homecare patients PDF
Guzin Zeren Ozturk, Memet Taskın Egici, Mulazim Hussain Bukhari, Dilek Toprak
Neutrophil lymphocyte ratio (NLR): A well assessment tool of glycemic control in Type-2 diabetic patients PDF
Mazhar Hussain, M. Zafar Majeed Babar, Lubna Akhtar, Muhmmad Shahbaz Hussain
Clinical analysis of Primary Gastrointestinal Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma PDF
Wei Wang, Peng Lin, Haiying Yao, Xi Jia, Jirui Sun
Is Political Activism on Social Media an initiator of Psychological Stress? PDF
Aliya Hisam, Iqra Safoor, Nawal Khurshid, Aakash Aslam, Farhan Zaid, Ayesha Muzaffar
Analyzing communication skills of Pediatric Postgraduate Residents in Clinical Encounter by using video recordings PDF
Attia Bari, Rehan Ahmed Khan, Uzma Jabeen, Ahsan Waheed Rathore
Impact of network aided platforms as educational toolson academic performance and attitude of pharmacology students PDF
Fundus fluorescence Angiography in diagnosing diabetic retinopathy PDF
Shuhui Wang, Yuqin Zuo, Ning Wang, Bin Tong
Correlation between Serum Uric Acid Level and Microalbuminuria in Type-2 Diabetic Nephropathy PDF
Hina Latif, Adil Iqbal, Rabia Rathore, Nasir Farooq Butt
Frequency of depression among patients with Type-I diabetes in a developing country, Pakistan PDF
Musarrat Riaz, Nazish Imran, Asher Fawwad, Abdul Basit
Diagnostic utility of C-kit protein (CD117) expression in differentiating adenoid cystic carcinoma and polymorphous low grade Adenocarcinoma PDF
Hassan Tariq, Saba Anjum, Hafeez ud Din, Farhan Akhtar

Case Reports

Un-ruptured Non-Coronary Sinus of Valsalva Aneurysm with Complete Heart Block PDF
Saba Hussain, Faisal Qadir, Pir Sheeraz, M. Asad Bilal Awan