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Relationship of anthropometric measures with Knee Osteoarthritis in diabetes mellitus

Saera Suhail Kidwai, Shaista Anwar Siddiqi, Lubna Nazir, Tahira Parveen Umer


Objective: To determine the frequency of knee osteoarthritis in adult patients with Diabetes mellitus and its association with body mass index (BMI) in kg/m2 and waist circumference (WC).

Methods: This is a  cross-sectional comparative study at a tertiary hospital based in an industrial area of Karachi. Patient population comprised of all adult diabetic subjects. Clinical and demographic data was obtained with detailed musculoskeletal examination on all patients. BMI and WC were measured as kg/m2 and cm respectively. Data was analyzed on SPSS version 15.

Results: A total of 413 subjects were recruited. Among them diabetic and non-diabetic subjects were 210 and 203 respectively. Mean age of diabetics was 50.7+-10.2 years as compared to non-diabetic subjects i.e. 49.5+-10.5 years. Proportion of male subjects was 72(34.3%) and 71(35.0) respectively in both groups. Mean duration of diabetes was 6.2 years. Frequency of knee osteoarthritis (OA) was found to be 52(24.8%) and 54(26.6%) in diabetic and non-diabetic respectively. Among the diabetic group 6 (18%) subjects with OA had normal BMI (18.5-22.9) whereas 4 (16%) were overweight (BMI 23-24.9) and 41(27.5%) were obese(BMI ≥25). Near 98% (n=51) of the diabetic patients with OA had high waist circumference. Females (n= 42, 31.1%) were more frequent than males (n=9, 16%) in the diabetic subjects with OA and a higher WC.

Conclusion: Both diabetic and non diabetic group did not show any difference in the frequency of knee OA. However, frequency of knee OA showed a significant difference between overweight and obese category of BMI.WC appears as a strong predictor of knee osteoarthritis.


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