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Prognostic factors of recurrence and neck metastasis in oral carcinomas

Behcet Sahin, Suphi Bulgurcu, Ilker Burak Arslan, Ibrahim Cukirova


Objective: To assess the effects of tumor size, proximity to midline and invasion depth of oral cancer of the tongue (TC) on neck metastasis and recurrence.

Methods: In this retrospective observational study, was conducted through a chart review of the 11 male and 9 female patients who underwent surgeries with the diagnosis of tongue squamous cell carcinoma and at least one side neck dissection. We wanted  to assess effects of tumor size, proximity to midline, and invasion depth of TC, according to the surgical specimens and pre-operative magnetic resonance imaging, on neck metastasis and recurrence between 2007 and 2014. The study was conducted in a training hospital-based otorhinolaryngology clinic. Statistical analyses were performed to determine possible relationship between such tumor features and tumor recurrence and neck metastasis.

Results: Statistically significant relationship were detected between recurrence and the proximity of tumor to midline (p=0.031) and between invasion depth and neck metastasis (p=0.017). No relationship was found between tumor size and recurrence and neck metastasis (p=0.721 and p=0.827, respectively).

Conclusions: Parameters like invasion depth and tumor proximity to midline might provide useful information about prognosis and may help to determine a treatment schedule in  patients suffering fdrom cancer of the tongue. The present TNM classification might not be sufficient to provide enough information to determine prognosis and staging adequately in these patients.


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