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Serum Uric Acid level in the severity of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

Adnan Khan, Mohammad Hassan Shah, Sarbiland Khan, Umama Shamim, Sanan Arshad


Background and Objective: It has been observed that in a clinical condition like hypoxemia there is an increase in the serum Uric acid level. The objective of our study was to find out the relationship between serum uric acid levels in the severity of Heart failure.

Methods: We analyze 285 patients with a diagnosis of Congestive heart failure admitted in Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar from March 1st to August 2016. Age group of patients was 17- 67 years. New York Health Association (NYHA) scoring were used to access the severity of Congestive Heart Failure. Serum UA level >7.0 mg/dl was considered high.

Results: Total 285 patients with CHF were analyzed with a mean age of 54±2.8 years in which males were 65.96% and 34.03% were female. 40% were in class II of New York Health Association (NYHA), 32.63% in class III and 25.61% in class IV and 1.75% were in class I.  Out of 285, 59.29% met the definition of hyperuricemia. In which 83.43% were male and 16.57% were female. Most of the Hyperuricemic patients 62.13% were in age group of 51- 60 years, with a mean age of 57±4.5 years. We found a significant correlation between uric acid level and BNP (p= <0.001), and use of diuretics (p=<0.001).  34.93% of the Hyperuricemic CHF patients were in NYHA III and NYHA IV whose SUA was above 8 mg/dl as compared to 31.57% Hyperuricemic CHF patients whose SUA was below 8 mg/dl.

Conclusion: High serum Uric acid was observed in 59.29% of patients with CHF. The observed significant correlation between UA level and some established prognostic markers in these patients may indicate that serum UA could provide additional prognostic information in this population. SUA as a marker can be measured anywhere at a low cost to help identify high-risk patients with CHF. Lowing uric acid is expected to be a new approach for prevention and therapy of HF.


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