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Surgical outcome of spontaneous supra tentorial intracerebral hemorrhage

Waqar Aziz Rehman, Muhammad Sohaib Anwar


Objective: To assess the risks and benefits of surgical treatment (Open Craniotomy) of Intra-cerebral hematoma (ICH).

Methods: Twenty seven patients of ICH who underwent surgical treatment at Neurosurgical department of Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Rahim Yar Khan, from 1st January 2015 to 31st December 2015 were included in this study. The primary outcome measured was death and improvement in GCS Status among survivor’s at three months.

Results: Mean age of the patients was 58.4±10.7 and majority of patients (48.1%) were in the age range of 60-70 years. There were 22.2% patients with ICH volume of >50 ml. Six (6) patients had 8 GCS with 50ml volume, who later died in ICU. Three of the patients who expired developed post-operative pneumothorax. These patients also acquired RTI resulting in deterioration of GCS. The rest of the expired patients showed deterioration in their GCS associated with oedma on brain CT scan. One patient died as a result of re-bleed. Twenty one (21) patients were discharged from hospital, two of these patients were  lost in second follow up. Rest of  the patients showed a gradual improvement in GCS touching 15/15 by 2nd follow up visit.

Conclusion: Surgical prognosis of ICH depends on the patients GCS received and size of hemorrhage at the time of presentation. Urgent surgical evacuation in patients with rapid deterioration carries good outcome, hence should be considered.


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