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Acute renal morbidities with obstetrical emergencies:An important women health issue

Meharunnissa Khaskheli, Shahla Baloch, Aneela Sheeba, Sarmad Baloch, Fahad Khan, Mohammad Rafique Ansari


Objective: To observe the impact of acute renal morbidities with obstetrical emergencies on maternal health.

Methods: In this study pregnant women between 28-40 weeks gestational period and delivered women in their puerperal period up to 42 days after delivery having acute renal problems associated with obstetrical emergencies were included. Pregnant and delivered women with obstetrical emergencies and associated other morbidities were excluded. These women were registered on the predesigned proforma after taking written informed consent and taking approval from institutional ethic research committee. The data was collected and analyzed on SPSS version 21.

Result: Out of these 196 total registered women, majority of these women 81(41.32%) were between 21-30 years of age and multiparous women with parity four and above were 83(42.34%). Commonest presenting symptoms were generalized oedema 123(62.75%) and oligouria 92(46.93%). Frequent obstetrical emergencies observed were pre-eclampsia 53(27.04%), post partum haemorrhage 48(24.48%) and ante partum haemorrhage 36(18.36%) women. The complete recovery was observed in 86(43.87%) women, while mortality was seen in 56(28.57%) women.

Conclusion: Renal morbidities were more frequently observed in obstetrical emergencies leading to high morbidity and mortality rate. 


How to cite this:Khaskheli MN, Baloch S, Sheeba A, Baloch S, Khan F, Ansari MR. Acute renal morbidities with obstetrical emergencies: An important women health issue. Pak J Med Sci. 2017;33(3):594-598.   doi:

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