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Role of Ramadan specific diabetes education (RSDE); A prospective study

Muhammad Yakoob Ahmedani, Shahid Ahsan, Muhammad Saif Ulhaque


Objective: To observe the role of Ramadan Specific Diabetes Education (RSDE) in the management of fasting patients with diabetes.

Methods: This prospective study was carried out at out-patients department (OPD) of Baqai Institute of Diabetology & Endocrinology (BIDE), in 2012. Recruitment of patients started a month prior to Ramadan. Muslim patients with diabetes whether had their first or on follow up visit to the OPD and showed intention to hold fast in the month of Ramadan, were included. A printed broacher focused on six cardinal areas of fasting and diabetes identified in Ramadan specific guidelines was given to all participants. All patients had their first visit to the OPD (n=32) were also given RSDE on one-to-one basis (Group A). Whereas patients had follow up visit were advised to attend a group session on RSDE. Those attended (n= 25) and those did not opt (n=45) the group session were included in Group B and Group C respectively. All participants were instructed to visit the OPD after Ramadan. Group D was constituted after Ramadan. It included patients who had not visited the OPD during induction period thus did not receive RSDE (n=76) they however hold fast in the month of Ramadan. Data regarding compliance to structured education through different modes was collected during post Ramadan visit.

Results: Comparisons among groups who received education(A with B with C) revealed non-significant difference in self-monitoring of blood glucose, alteration of drug dosage and timing, appreciation of hypoglycemia and action taken on development of hypoglycemic symptoms. However, significant differences were noted when group who received education was compared individually with group who did not receive education.

Conclusion: Patients who receive Pre-Ramadan diabetes education were found to be significantly better in following Ramadan specific diabetes management recommendations compared to patients who did not receive education. Further large scale studies are needed to validate our findings.


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