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An experience with mesh versus darn repair in inguinal hernias

Gulshan Ali Memon, Syed Kashif Ali Shah, Habib-ur -Rehman


Background & Objective: The inguinal hernia accounts for 50 percent in old age males. A Lichtenstein type of operation has now become the method of choice in most developed countries but in the developing world traditional simple suture repair is still in common practice in resource limited hospitals due to the scarcity and expensive nature of the commercial prosthetic mesh. Our objective was to compare the rates of complications in Lichtenstein repair to tension free Darn repair.

Methods: Ninety two male patients from 20-60 years of age reported for direct or indirect inguinal hernia with open Mesh/Lichtenstein or darn repair in emergency or electively from January 2014 to December 2015 were enrolled in this prospective randomized control trial (RCT). The primary end point was to compare the surgical site infection, length of hospital stay and hernia recurrence with different techniques.

Results: The hospital stay was higher in patients who had Lichtenstein repair, Superficial surgical site infections in cohort A (6.5%) and cohort B (4.36%) were noted. Complications of recurrence in Group-A were (1.5%) as compared to Group-B which had a recurrence of 6.52%.

Conclusion: Lichtenstein is more promising in comparison to Darn repair in terms of recurrence in inguinal hernia.


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