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Cost analysis of medical device spare parts

Güven Bektemur, Nedim Muzoğlu, Mehmet Ali Arıcı, Melike Kaya Karaaslan


Objective: To establish estimation method on budget management of medical device spare parts and to evaluate the cost of medical device spare parts in affiliated hospitals of Istanbul Public Hospital Unions (PHUs).

Methods: While this evaluation was performed, the relationship between paid cost for spare parts according to technological development level of device groups and total inventory value was used. Spare part cost analysis was carried out by using the normalized weighted arithmetic average method. Cost analysis of medical equipment spare parts of Istanbul PHUs was performed by using the data retrieved from Ministry of Health Business Intelligence Decision Support System for spending of spare parts in 2015.

Results: The medical device spare part groups were categorized based on technological development. Among 1 to 6 PHUs, the cost ratios were acquired for high, middle, low and simple technology group as 17.31–40.08%, 29.14–43.36%, 22.62–27.44% and 8.16–11.89%, respectively. The ratio between the spare part and total inventory costs for 1-6 PHUs were calculated as 1.66%, 2.87%, 3.03%, 3.31%, 2.57% and 4.69% respectively. Expected rates based on normalized weighted method were obtained as follows; 5.76%, 4.67%, 5.31%, 4.87%, 4.34% and 4.27%.

Conclusion: The expenditure analysis and budget planning for medical device spare parts in PHU could be predicted more accurately by taking into consideration the expected rate calculated by the normal weight method. In additon, the importance of Clinical Engineering Service Units in management of medical devices has been determined.


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