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Liver histology in asymptomatic Hepatitis-C virus positive blood donors

Muhammad Anwar, Qamar Jamal, Waqaruddin Ahmed


Objective: To assess the Histological alteration of liver in asymptomatic HCV PCR positive family blood donors.

Methods: This is a  prospective cross sectional study carried out at Blood Transfusion Services, Clinical & Molecular Laboratory and Pakistan Health Research Council, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi from January 2011 to December 2016. One hundred thirteen (113) Anti HCV and HCV RNA positive family blood donors with normal or slightly raised ALT during three consecutive bimonthly visits were included. After taking consent liver biopsy was done to see the histopathological changes in these study participants. The software program SPSS for windows (Ver.19) was utilized for all statistical analysis.

Results: One hundred thirteen blood donors who were Anti HCV and HCV RNA positive were included. Ninety eight were male and 15 Female with a mean age of 32.3±6.94 years. Nineteen (16.8%) had significant inflammation of grade 2-3. Nine (8.0%) had significant fibrosis and steatosis was seen in 65 (57.5%) cases. Cirrhosis or advanced liver disease was not found in this series.

Conclusion: HCV infected individual with normal ALT level having good physical health, without any sign of advanced liver disease on ultrasonography and routine laboratory investigation like AST, Gamma GT, Alkaline Phosphatase, serum albumin, A/G ratio, platelet count and PT, INR might be highly helpful to predict mild or progressive liver disease. Ultimately it reduces the need of liver biopsy, an invasive procedure having significant complications. 


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