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Effect of obesity and its outcome among pregnant women

Habiba Sharaf Ali, Nida Lakhani


Objective: To identify and assess the effect of obesity on pregnancy and its outcome and to compare it with non obese pregnant women.
Methodology: It is a cross sectional study conducted at Ziauddin Hospital Kemari Campus and Kharader General Hospital Karachi from June 2009 to June 2010. Four hundred twelve women with normal and raised BMI (25 or more) were booked in first trimester. Patients were followed up with regular antenatal check-up and routine investigations of pregnancy. Complications encountered during pregnancy were recorded in both groups. The relative frequency of pregnancy induced hypertension, gestational diabetes, induction of labor was compared in both groups. Mode of delivery and fetal weight were also recorded.
Results: The frequency of pregnancy induced hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and Caesarean section and increased fetal weight were found to be higher in women who are obese in comparison to women who are non obese.
Conclusion: Pregnancies in obese women are considerably at higher risk for pregnancy and labor complications. It is advisable to achieve normal BMI before conception.

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