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Malacoplakia of rectum

Muhammad Taqi Pirzada, Jahanzaib Haider, Munawer Iqbal, Khalid Ahsan Malik


Colorectal malacoplakia with ulcerative colitis is a rare clinical entity. This is a case report of a woman, 35 years of age, who presented with bleeding per rectum, lower abdominal pain and painful defecation for 02 months duration. A tender circumferential mass was found on digital rectal examination and incisional biopsy showed malacoplakia. CT scan revealed rectal mass extending up to rectosigmoid junction; infiltrating the pelvic wall and encasing the right lower ureter, though her CEA level was normal. DJ stenting was done for ureteric obstruction and quinolone therapy was instituted. Despite this, surgical debulking (abdominoperineal resection) was carried out for aggravation of her symptoms. The histopathology report revealed it to be a malacoplakia with ulcerative colitis.

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