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Pleural Fibroma: A meandering path to surgical removal

Shafqat Hassan, Syed Shirjeel Husain, Muhammad Amim Anwar, Saema Saeed


52 Year old male was admitted with respiratory distress. Radiological examination revealed a large mass in patient’s right hemi thorax with mediastinal shift and partial lung collapse. Biopsies previously done conferred the diagnosis of solitary fibrous tumor; however, in order to avoid a surgical resection, patient didn’t follow the adviced procedure. After thorough counseling, surgical resection was done with few post operative complications and patient recovered well with ability to perform his daily activities with partial support. The histopathology results showed solitary fibrous tumor. Apart from pneumonia and local wound infection, patient status was well for the next six week follow-up.  


How to cite this:Hassan S, Husain SS, Anwar MA, Saeed S. Pleural Fibroma: A meandering path to surgical removal. Pak J Med Sci 2015;31(1):236-238.   doi:

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