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Corneal topography analysis of stromal corneal dystrophies

Yusuf Koçluk, Zuleyha Yalnız-Akkaya, Ayşe Burcu, Firdevs Örnek


Objective: The aim was to compare the corneal topography and tomography parameters of macular corneal dystrophy (MCD), granular corneal dystrophy (GCD) and lattice corneal dystrophy (LCD) patients obtained by Scheimpflug imaging system.

Methods: The charts, photographs and topography images of patients were reviewed retrospectively. This study included 73 eyes of 73 patients (28 MCD, 20 GCG and 25 LCD patients). Topography images were obtained by Pentacam (Oculus Optikgerate, Wetzlar, Germany). The densitometry readings at the corneal apex were used for the statistics.

Results: The female to male ratio was 13/15 in MCD group, 12/8 in GCD group and 13/12 in LCD group. The mean age median age was 32, 45 and 53 years in MCD, GCD and LCD groups respectively. The groups were similar regarding the gender (p=0.861). The MCD group was significantly younger than the other two groups (p<0.001). The median (minmum-maximum) corneal densities were 100 (100-100), 68 (17-100) and 97 (34-100) Pentacam densitometry units in MCD, GCD and LCD groups respectively. The corneal density at the corneal apex was significantly higher in MCD group than in the other groups (p<0.001). The GCD and LCD groups were statistically similar in terms of density of the corneal apex (p=0.079). In MCD group, corneal thickness at the apex and at the thinnest location was significantly thinner, than in the other groups (p=.002 for thickness at apex between MCD and LCD, and p<.001 for all the remaining comparisons). In MCD group corneal volume was significantly smaller than in the other groups (p<.001 for all comparisons).

Conclusion: Densitometry on Scheimpflug imaging system gives information on the density of corneal opacities.


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