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An overview of smoking practices in Pakistan

Noreen Shah, Saad Siddiqui


Smoking remains a major player in morbidity and mortality worldwide. It is a matter of immense public health importance as single leading cause of preventable deaths. The aim of this study was to assess smoking practices that prevail across Pakistan & Attitude of people towards this issue. We conducted an extensive search on major databases as well as search of bibliography of published literature for studies assessing Attitudes and Practices of tobacco smoking that prevail across Pakistan. Data from available studies was abstracted and utilized in preparation of this manuscript. After screening of 613 articles, we were able to identify 22 studies matching our criteria for inclusion.Majority of studies reported adolescence as time of initiation. Average national prevalence was 21.6%. A significant portion of smokers comprised of females. The prevalence of smoking in healthcare professionals ranged from 32 – 37%. Passive smoking was a major contributor of tobacco exposure. Prevalence of ‘Shisha’ use was 33%. Smoking continues to be a major Public Health issue in Pakistan. The prevalence in healthcare professionals and adolescents is alarming. Adequate measures need to be taken to ensure its control.


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