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Are we using drugs rationally? A survey study from Turkey

Serife Ozdinc, Nazli Sensoy, Rumeysa Kurt, Sevda Altas, Ramazan Altun


Objectives: To investigate the rational use of drugs  from patient’s perspective.

Methods: This study was conducted at the Afyon Kocatepe University Training and Research Hospital between February and March 2013. Data were collected with a questionnaire. Descriptive statistics and Chi-Square test were used.

Results: About 54% (n=419) of participants reported that they used drugs without the advice of a physician. The 19-24 age group, secondary and high school graduates, and students used drugs more often without consulting a physician (P < 0.05). Participants that used drugs after consulting a physician did not fully use the drugs as recommended by the physician, and physicians did not give patients adequate information about prescribed drug(s). 72% of participants stored drug(s) at home.

Conclusions: Rational use of drugs is not completely achieved. Certain patient groups and even physicians are closer to being a part of the irrational use of drugs.


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