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Cost-Conscious of Anesthesia Physicians:An awareness survey

Sedat Hakimoglu, Volkan Hancı, Murat Karcıoglu, Kasım Tuzcu, Işıl Davarcı, Hasan Ali Kiraz, Selim Turhanoğlu


Objective: Increasing competitive pressure and health performance system in the hospitals result in pressure to reduce the resources allocated. The aim of this study was to evaluate the anesthesiology and intensive care physicians awareness of the cost of the materials used and to determine the factors that influence it.

Methods: This survey was conducted between September 2012 and September 2013 after the approval of the local ethics committee. Overall 149 anesthetists were included in the study. Participants were asked to estimate the cost of 30 products used by anesthesiology and intensive care units.

Results: One hundred forty nine doctors, 45% female and 55% male, participated in this study. Of the total 30 questions the averages of cost estimations were 5.8% accurate estimation, 35.13% underestimation and 59.16% overestimation. When the participants were divided into the different groups of institution, duration of working in this profession and sex, there were no statistically significant differences regarding accurate estimation. However, there was statistically significant difference in underestimation. In underestimation, there was no significant difference between 16-20 year group and >20 year group but these two groups have more price overestimation than the other groups (p=0.031). Furthermore, when all the participants were evaluated there were no significant difference between age-accurate cost estimation and profession time-accurate cost estimation.

Conclusion: Anesthesiology and intensive care physicians in this survey have an insufficient awareness of the cost of the drugs and materials that they use. The institution and experience are not effective factors for accurate estimate. Programs for improving the health workers knowledge  creating awareness of cost  should be planned  in order to use the resources more efficiently and cost effectively, 


How to cite this:Hakimoglu S, Hancı V, Karcıoglu M, Tuzcu K, Davarcı I, Kiraz HA, et al. Cost-Conscious of Anesthesia Physicians: An awareness survey. Pak J Med Sci 2015;31(5):1089-1094.   doi:

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