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It is not “Just Circumcision”

Ebru Yesildag


Objective: Circumcision is one of the most commonly performed operations during childhood. The procedure is often underestimated in areas where it is frequently executed due to social and religion-based indications. In fact it might be an opportunity to detect and to correct any existing penile anomaly. The aim of the study was to retrospectively evaluate the boys who were admitted to a hospital for circumcision and the outcome of the procedure.

Methods: The boys who were brought to outpatient clinics for circumcision between 2009-2015, were retrospectively evaluated. The indications for hospital admission and the presence of associated penile anomalies were searched. All the boys were examined and operated by a single surgeon of the institution.

Results: Nine hundred forty four boys were brought to pediatric surgery outpatient clinics in order to be circumcised. The operation was performed in 318 of them. The physical examination revealed penile anomalies in 29 of the 318 cases. The detected anomalies were webbed penis, penile torsion, hypospadias, chordee without hypospadias and meatal stenosis.

Conclusions: The proper examination of the boys by a physician prior to circumcision provides the detection of penile anomalies which can be corrected at the same session. The arrangements for performing circumcision in hospitals by the medical staff should be favored. The misleading perception of underestimation of the procedure where it is ritually performed, should be corrected.


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