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Perceptions, perceived barriers and practices ofphysicians’ towards Evidence-Based Medicine

Mukhtiar Baig, Zaid Alamin, Osama Almouteri, Mohammed Algarni


Objective: To investigate physicians’ perceptions and practices towards Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and physicians perceived barriers in one institute of Saudi Arabia.

Methods: One hundred seventeen practicing physicians at King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Jeddah were included in the study. A validated questionnaire was used for collecting data. The questionnaire had four parts and included questions addressing perceptions and practices about EBM as well as associated variables and barriers to practicing it.

Results: The majority of the respondents had a positive attitude toward EBM. Only 23.9% of participants reported that they are incorporating EBM into their practice. Knowledge about EBM databases was not good. The most common “regularly” read journal was the New England Journal of Medicine (31.6%), followed by the British Medical Journal (12.0%). Some of the respondents had an understanding and were able to explain to others the technical terms use in EBM such as odds ratio (19.7%), relative risk (22.2%), absolute risk (23.9%) and others. The major perceived barriers to practicing EBM was the lack of free personal time (27.4%), availability and access to information (27.4%), difficulties in involving in whole practice (12.0%) and lack of investment by health authorities (12.8%).

Conclusion: The attitude of the practicing doctors towards EBM was good, but knowledge and practice were not up to the mark.


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