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Plasmodium Vivax causing acute kidney injury: A foe less addressed

Rubina Naqvi


Objective: To report patients developing acute kidney injury (AKI) after Vivax malaria.

Methods: An observational cohort of patients identified as having acute kidney injury (AKI) after Plasmodium vivax infection. AKI was defined according to RIFLE criteria with sudden rise in creatinine or decline in urine output or both. All patients had normal size non obstructed kidneys on ultrasonography, with no previous co morbids. Malarial parasite Vivax was seen on blood peripheral film in all patients.

Results: From January 1990 – December 2014, total 5623 patients with AKI were registered in our institute, of these 671 (11.93%) developed AKI in association with malarial infection, furthermore, Vivax was species in 109 patients. Average age of patients was 33.49±14.67 (range 8-78 years) with 66 male and 43 female. Oligo-anuria and vomiting were most common associated symptoms with fever. Renal replacement therapy required in 82 (75.22%) patients. Complete recovery was seen in 69 (63.30%), while 14 (12.84%) expired during acute phase of illness. Jaundice, thrombocytopenia, central nervous system involvement, mechanical ventilation requirement and hematuria were the factors significantly associated with high mortality.

Conclusion: Malaria still causing significant morbidity and mortality in our part of world. Vivax malaria can present with hemolysis, thrombocytopenia and kidney failure in remarkable number of patients.


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