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Impact of combined modular assessment on deep learningand personal development of medical students

Shabana Ali, Humaira Fayyaz Khan


Objective: To determine the effect of transition of summative assessment from frequent modular to combined block assessment and its role on learning of medical students.

Methods: A descriptive study was carried out at Islamic International Medical College. A questionnaire comprizing of 8 questions with Likert scale (1-5) was designed for 3rd year students. The questions were grouped in three categories which included learning acquired, personal development and efficacy of assessment tools used in combined block assessment and frequent modular exam separately. Results of end of year exams were analyzed for difference in performance of students in two exams. The received data was analyzed by using SPPS 21.

Results: About 60% students agreed that they need to study regularly in frequent modular exams. Combined block assessment promoted more indepth studies and multiple revisions 51% and 55% students respectively. About 42% students, in comparison with 33%, agreed that CBA helped in their personal development while 42% students agreed to assessment tools used in CBA while only 28% students to those used in frequent modular exam.About 47% students agreed that assessment tools in CBA were useful for deep learningand  47% students agreed that time given in CBA was enough in exam preparation. Comparison of all results (x 2 tests) was statistically significant. The comparison of end of year performance showed improvement in the mean of total marks obtained and decrease in the number of failed students in combined block assessment.

Conclusion: Transition from frequent to combined block assessment with regular formative assessment has positive effect on learning, personal grooming and performance in summative assessment.


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