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Yield of closed pleural biopsy and cytologyin exudative pleural effusion

Faisal Faiyaz Zuberi, Bader Faiyaz Zuberi, Syed Khalid Ali, Sagheer Hussain, Farhana Mumtaz


Objective: To determine diagnostic yield of Closed Pleural Biopsy (CPB) and Cytology in Exudative Pleural Effusion (PE).

Methods: This prospective comparative study was conducted at Chest Unit-II & Medical Unit-IV of Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi Pakistan from January 2011 till December 2014.

Results: Ninety-four patients with exudative PE were finally included. The mean age (SD) was 44.0 (13.8) years. Overall Specific Diagnosis was reached in 76/94 patients; 46 Tuberculosis PE (TPE) & 30 Malignant PE (MPE). CPB diagnosed all TPE patients alone and 28/30 of MPE. Cytology diagnosed only 10/30 patients of MPE with 8 patients having both CPB & Cytology positive for malignancy whereas in the remaining two cases only Cytology positive. The sensitivity of CPB in detecting TPE and MPE was 93.9% and 82.4% respectively whereas specificity for both was 100%. The diagnostic yield of cytology in detecting MPE is only (33.3%). The diagnostic yield of CPB for TPE and MPE is 100% and 93.3% respectively. The overall specific diagnostic yield of CPB is 78.7%.

Conclusion: CPB is better than pleural fluid cytology alone with the later adding little to diagnostic yield when both combined in distinguishing TPE from MPE, the two main differential of exudative PE in a TB-Endemic country.

doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.12669/pjms.322.9613

How to cite this:Zuberi FF, Zuberi BF, Ali SK, Hussain S, Mumtaz F. Yield of closed pleural biopsy and cytology in exudative pleural effusion. Pak J Med Sci. 2016;32(2):356-360.   doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.12669/pjms.322.9613

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