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Cardiovascular risk score in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Abrar Ahmed Wagan, Tafazzul Haque Mahmud, Aflak Rasheed, Zafar Ali Zafar, Ata Ur Rehman, Amjad Ali


Objective: To determine the 10-year Cardiovascular risk score with QRISK-2 and Framingham risk calculators in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Non Rheumatoid Arthritis subjects and asses the usefulness of QRISK-2 and Framingham calculators in both groups.

Methods: During the study 106 RA and 106 Non RA patients age and sex matched participants were enrolled from outpatient department. Demographic data and questions regarding other study parameters were noted. After 14 hours of fasting 5 ml of venous blood was drawn for Cholesterol and HDL levels, laboratory tests were performed on COBAS c III (ROCHE). QRISK-2 and Framingham risk calculators were used to get individual 10-year CVD risk score.

Results: In this study the mean age of RA group was (45.1±9.5) for Non RA group (43.7±8.2), with female gender as common. The mean predicted 10-year score with QRISK-2 calculator in RA group (14.2±17.1%) and Non RA group was (13.2±19.0%) with (p-value 0.122). The 10-year score with Framingham risk score in RA group was (12.9±10.4%) and Non RA group was (8.9±8.7%) with (p-value 0.001). In RA group QRISK-2 (24.5%) and FRS (31.1%) cases with predicted score were in higher risk category. The maximum agreement scores between both calculators was observed in both groups (Kappa=0.618 RA Group; Kappa=0.671 Non RA Group).

Conclusion: QRISK-2 calculator is more appropriate as it takes RA, ethnicity, CKD, and Atrial fibrillation as factors in risk assessment score.

Abbreviations: RA: Rheumatoid Arthritis.     CVD: Cardiovascular diseases.     DM: Diabetes Mellitus.    CKD: Chronic kidney diseases.     AF: Atrial Fibrillation.     BMI: Body Mass Index.    CHOL: Cholesterol.     HDL: High Density Lipoprotein.


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