Vol 30, No 2 (2014)

March - April 2014 Pak J Med Sci

March - April 2014 Pak J Med Sci

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Original Articles

A comprehensive, multi-modal evaluation of the assessment system of an undergraduate research methodology course: Translating theory into practice PDF
Hamza Mohammad Abdulghani, Gominda G Ponnamperuma, Farha Ahmad, Zubair Amin
Factors associated with non-adherence to Insulinin patients with Type-1 diabetes PDF
Musarrat Riaz, Abdul Basit, Asher Fawwad, Muhammad Yakoob Ahmedani, Zahara Ali Rizvi
Effects of insulin on placental, fetal and maternal outcomes in gestational diabetes mellitus PDF
Rabia Arshad, Nasim Karim, Jahan Ara Hasan
Factors associated with preoperative and postoperative epileptic seizure in patients with cerebral ganglioglioma PDF
Cheng Huang, He Li, Ming-wan Chen, Yang Si, Ding Lei
Exploring the transition to DRGs in Developing Countries: A case study in Shanghai, China PDF
Zhaoxin Wang, Rui Liu, Ping Li, Chenghua Jiang
Parental psychological abuse toward children and mental health problems in adolescence PDF
Syeda Fariha Iram Rizvi, Najma Najam
Ameliorative effect of melatonin against contrast media induced renal tubular cell injury PDF
Hamid Nasri, Maryam Tavakoli, Ali Ahmadi, Azar Baradaran, Mehdi Nematbakhsh, Mahmoud Rafieian-Kopaei
QT dispersion increases with low glomerular filtration rate in patients with coronary artery disease PDF
Murat CELIK, Turgay CELIK, Uygar Cagdas YUKSEL, Emre YALCINKAYA, Yalcin GOKOGLAN, Baris BUGAN, Hilmi Umut UNAL, Atila IYISOY, Selim KILIC
To determine the effect of wearing shoe covers by medical staff and visitors on infection rates, mortality and length of stay in Intensive Care Unit PDF
Zeeshan Ali, Aayesha Qadeer, Aftab Akhtar
The correlation between the first heart sound and cardiac output as measured by using digital esophageal stethoscope under anaesthesia PDF
Young Duck Shin, Kyoung Hoon Yim, Sang Hi Park, Yong Wook Jeon, Jin Ho Bae Bae, Tae Soo Lee, Myoung Hwan Kim, Young Jin Choi
Effects of two genes coding squamous cell carcinoma antigen on the diagnosis and treatment of cervical squamous cell carcinoma PDF
Qi'nan Yin, Ying Wang, Chenchen Zheng, Yanjuan Liu, Zhuo Chen, Fuer Lu, Guangying Huang
Clinical presentations and biochemical profile in adult celiac disease patients in Hyderabad: Pakistan PDF
Naila Masood Siddiqui, Imran Ali Shaikh
Effects of low-dose amiodarone and Betaloc on the treatment of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy complicated with malignant ventricular arrhythmias PDF
Yu Gao, Peisheng Zhang, Xue Liang
Prevalence and associated risk factors for syphilis in women with recurrent miscarriages PDF
Arshad Hussain Laghari, Viqar Sultana, Akhtar Hussain Samoo, Pirbhomal Makhija, Jehan Ara, Hira .
Impact of Omega-3 and Omega-9 fatty acids enriched total parenteral nutrition on blood chemistry and inflammatory markers in septic patients PDF
Gamze Gültekin, Habibe Şahin, Neriman İnanç, Fatma Uyanık, Engin Ok
Effect of a workshop in rational pharmacotherapy for interns during family medicine clerkship in Samsun- Turkey PDF
Mustafa Fevzi Dikici, Fusun Yaris, Fusun Artiran Igde, Fulya Yarar, Oznur Altuntas, Aysenur Alper Gurz
The relationship between inferior vena cava diameter measured by bedside ultrasonography and central venous pressure value PDF
Serenat Citilcioglu, Ahmet Sebe, Mehmet Oguzhan Ay, Ferhat Icme, Akkan Avci, Muge Gulen, Mustafa Sahan, Salim Satar
Atrial septal defect repair; our early and mid-phase results PDF
Sedat Ozcan, Ali Ümit Yener, M.Alper Turgut Özkan
Further exploration during open appendicectomy; assessment of some common intraoperative findings PDF
Moses Layiwola Adeoti, Adetunji Saliu Oguntola, Sulaiman Olayide Agodirin, Adetunji Adeniyi Oremakinde, Kunle O. Ojemakinde
Factors affecting recurrence and progression of high grade non invasive bladder cancer treated by intravesical BCG PDF
Muhammad Kashif Khan, Irfan Ahmed, Syed Johar Raza
Predictors of microvascular invasion in patients with solitary small hepatitis B related hepatocellular carcinoma PDF
Zhen You, Li-Ping Chen, Hui Ye
A method of percutaneous vertebroplasty under the guidance of two C-arm fluoroscopes PDF
Ren-Jie Xu, Yong-Qing Yan, Guang-Xiang Chen, Tian-Ming Zou, Xiao-Qiang Cai, Dong-Lai Wang
Management of Macular Pre-Retinal Subhyaloid hemorrhage by Nd:Yag laser hyaloidotomy PDF
Faisal Murtaza Qureshi, Syed Fawad Rizvi, Syeda Aisha Bokhari, Zeeshan Kamil
Finite element analysis of a bone healing model: 1-year follow-up after internal fixation surgery for femoral fracture PDF
Jiang-jun Zhou, Min Zhao, Ya-bo Yan, Wei Lei, Ren-fa Lv, Zhi-yu Zhu, Rong-jian Chen, Wei-tao Yu, Chen-fei Du
The morphology of medial malleolus and its clinical relevance PDF
Kun Zhang, Yanxi Chen, Minfei Qiang, Yini Hao, Haobo Li, Hao Dai
Can mean platelet volume and platelet distrubition width be possible markers for ectopic pregnancy and tubal rupture? (MPV and PDW in ectopic pregnancy) PDF
Burcu Artunc Ulkumen, Halil Gursoy Pala, Esat Calik, Semra Oruc Koltan
The effects of 21 and 23 milimeter aortic valve prosthesis on hemodynamic performance and functional capacity in young adults PDF
Ali Ümit Yener, Sedat Özcan, Ali Baran Budak, Serhat Bahadır Genç, Turgut Özkan, Ömer Faruk Özkan
The effect of erectile dysfunction on quality of life in male kidney transplant recipients PDF
Wei-Gang Wang, Ping Li, Yi-Shu Wang, Gang Wang, Yuan-Tao Wang, Hong-Lan Zhou
Frequency, severity and risk indicators of retinopathy in patients with diabetes screened by fundus photographs: A study from primary health care PDF
Saleh Memon, Shahid Ahsan, Qamar Riaz, Abdul Basit, Sikandar Ali Sheikh, Asher Fawwad, A Samad Shera
Spectrum of pathologies in cases of intestinal obstruction and perforation based on histopathological examination of resected intestine - Report from a third world country PDF
Noshin Wasim Yusuf, Sehr Iqbal, Rahat Sarfraz, Shezada Khalid Sohail, Mohammad Imran
Determination of anti-nuclear antibody pattern distribution and clinical relationship PDF
Zafer Mengeloglu, Tekin Tas, Esra Kocoglu, Gülali Aktas, Seyda Karabörk
Impact of anthropometrical parameters on portal veindiameter and liver size in a subset of Karachi based population PDF
Tanya Raza Siddiqui, Nuzhat Hassan, Pashmina Gul
Isolation and antibiotic susceptibility of E. coli from urinary tract infections in a tertiary care hospital PDF
Sumera Sabir, Aftab Ahmad Anjum, Tayyaba Ijaz, Muhammad Asad Ali, Muti Ur Rehman, Muhammad Nawaz
Association of the use of bacterial cell wall synthesis Inhibitor drugsin early childhood with the Developmental Defects of Enamel PDF
Amna tariq, Munawar Alam Ansari, Muhammad Owais Ismail, Zahida Memon
In vitro evaluation of antimicrobial effect of miswak against common oral pathogens PDF
Saima Naseem, Khursheed Hashmi, Fatima Fasih, Shaheen Sharafat, Rafiq Khanani
High fluoride and low pH level have been detected in popular flavoured beverages in Malaysia PDF
Zubaidah Haji Abdul Rahim, Zubaidah HA Rahim, Marina M Bakri, Zakir HM, Ahmed IA, Zulkifli NA
The applicability of the Greulich & Pyle Atlas for bone age assessment in primary school-going children of Karachi, Pakistan PDF
Arsalan Manzoor Mughal, Nuzhat Hassan, Anwar Ahmed
Diagnostic efficacy of sonography for diagnosis of ovarian torsion PDF
Ayoob Rostamzadeh, Sam Mirfendereski, Mohammad Jafar Rezaie, Shohreh Rezaei
The effect of low and moderate intensity aerobic exerciseson sleep quality in elderly adult males PDF
Ahmad Ali Akbari Kamrani, Amir Shams, Parvaneh Shamsipour Dehkordi, Robabeh Mohajeri

Review Article

Women Health in Saudi Arabia: A review of non-communicable diseases and their risk factors PDF
Aljohara Mohammed Alquaiz, Amna Rihana siddiqui, Riaz H Qureshi, Mona A Fouda, Maha A AlMuneef, Fawzia A Habib, Iqbal M Turkistani
Frequent loss expression of dab2 and promotor hypermethylation in human cancers: A meta-analysis and systematic review PDF
Ziyin Zhang, Yihua Chen, Xuemei Xie, Jianjian Tang
Actigraphy in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PDF
Imran S Khawaja, Ali M Hashmi, Muhammad Awais Aftab, Joseph Westermeyer, Thomas D Hurwitz

Case Reports

Severe anemia and melena caused by pyeloduodenal fistula due to renal stone-associated squamous cell carcinoma PDF
Jian Hui Wu, Yong Xu, Zi Qjang Xu, Kuo Yang, Shi Qiang Yang, Hong Shun Ma
Lupus catatonia in a young girl who presented with fever and altered sensorium PDF
Alia Ali, Azeem Taj, Misbah-uz-Zehra .
Systemic lupus erythematosis with severe aplastic anemia successfully treated with rituximab and antithymocyte globulin PDF
Bin Wen Liu, Zhiping Hu, Shengyun Lin, Jianghua He, Yuhong Zhou
Diagnostic dilemma in broad ligament leiomyoma with cystic degeneration PDF
Shabeen Naz Masood, Yasir Masood, Janta Mathrani
Acute brachial plexopathy:An unusual complication from Bee Sting PDF
Fan Kee Hoo, Shariful Hasan, Wan Aliaa Wan Sulaiman, Hamidon Basri