Vol 32, No 5 (2016)

September – October 2016 Pak J Med Sci

September – October 2016 Pak J Med Sci

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Quality of pharmacy services and regulatory compliance PDF
Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Original Articles

Pattern of initial clinical manifestations of systemic lupus erythematosus in a tertiary care hospital PDF
Shabnam Batool, Nighat Mir Ahmad, Muhammad Ahmed Saeed, Sumaira Farman
Quality of drug stores: Storage practices & Regulatory compliance in Karachi, Pakistan PDF
Syed Shaukat Ali Muttaqi Shah, Baqar Shyum Naqvi, Mashhad Fatima, Asif Khaliq, Abdul Latif Sheikh, Muhammad Baqar
Relationship of anthropometric measures with Knee Osteoarthritis in diabetes mellitus PDF
Saera Suhail Kidwai, Shaista Anwar Siddiqi, Lubna Nazir, Tahira Parveen Umer
A comparative study on the effects of MRI- and CT-guided interventional therapies on uterine fibroids PDF
Yongxu Mu, Ruiqiang Yan, Junfeng He, Xiaoyan Hu, Qiming Li, Haiyan Liu
Contraceptive failure with Copper T380A intrauterine device (IUD): A single tertiary center experience PDF
Ali Ekiz, Burak Ozkose, Burak Yucel, Muhittin Eftal Avcı, Ahmet Adanur, Gokhan Yildirim
Study on risk factors (predisposing factors) for poor diabetes control during Hajj (1436/2015) in people with diabetes PDF
Gulshad Hasan, Hanan Moabber, Arwa Alyamani, Ahmed Sayeed, Faisal Altatar
Psychiatric symptoms and pregnancy distress in subsequentpregnancy after spontaneous abortion history PDF
Elahe Haghparast, Mahbobeh Famarzia, Ramezan Hassanzadeh
A simple integrated primary health care based model for detection of diabetic retinopathy in resource-limited settings in Pakistani population PDF
Syed Hunain Riaz, Ali Jawa, Muhammad Zaman Khan Assir, Rashin Chaudhary, Farooq Awan, Javed Akram
Risk factors for deep venous thrombosis of lower limbs in postoperative neurosurgical patients PDF
Qiang Li, Zongxue Yu, Xiao Chen, Jinjun Wang, Guixi Jiang
Efficacy and safety of transepithelial collagen crosslinking for progressive keratoconus PDF
Sameer Shahid Ameen, Mohammad Asim Mehboob, Kashif Ali
Can blood and semen presepsin levels in males predict pregnancy in couples undergoing intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection? PDF
Framingham risk score in impaired glucose tolerant population: A sub analysis of Diabetes Prevention and Awareness Program of Pakistan PDF
Asher Fawwad, Hassan Moin, Iftikhar Ahmed Siddiqui, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Hydrie, Abdul Basit
Therapeutic effects of sequential chemoradiotherapy with pemetrexed and cisplatin on locally advanced laryngeal cancer PDF
Youmao Tao, Chong Ma, Xiangdang Yin, Xuedong Fang, Lixiu Liu
Increase in activity of Na+, K+-ATPase by Porphyrin compounds as treatment for Dysnatremias caused by Diabetes Mellitus PDF
Abdul Hai, Nadeem Kizilbash
Functional and structural abnormalities of the kidney and urinary tract in severely malnourished children - A hospital based study PDF
Misbah Anjum, Khemchand Netaram Moorani, Ifra Sameen, Muhammad Ayaz Mustufa, Shazia Kulsoom
Short-term clinical effect of conformal radiotherapy combined with tegafur gimeracil oteracil potassiumin treating recurrent esophagus cancer PDF
Yuyan Jiao, Yuzhen Shen, Hua Yan, Yan Liu, Haihua Tan, Jianzhe Li
Better prognostic marker in ICU - APACHE II, SOFA or SAP II! PDF
Iftikhar Haider Naqvi, Khalid Mahmood, Syed Ziaullaha, Syed Mohammad Kashif, Asim Sharif
Individualized supervised resistance training during nebulization in adults with cystic fibrosis PDF
Ina Shaw, Janine E. Kinsey, Roxanne Richards, Brandon S. Shaw
Effect of half adult dose of oral Rifampicin (300mg) in patientswith idiopathic central serous chorioretinopathy PDF
Muhammad Saim Khan, Murtaza Sameen Junejo, Arshad Ali Lodhi, Munawar Ahmed, Noman Ahmed Shaikh, Mustafa Kamal Junejo, Sameen Afzal Junejo
Expression of Treg/Th17 cells as well as related cytokines in patients with inflammatory bowel disease PDF
Xianhui Geng, Jie Xue
Are serum eosinophilic cationic protein levels of toll collectors affected by diesel exhaust exposure? PDF
Cahit Bilgin, Peri Arbak, Ozlem Yavuz, Ege Guleç Balbay, Oner Balbay, Ali Nihat Annakkaya
Sacrohysteropexy performed as uterus conserving surgeryfor pelvic organ prolapse: Review of case files PDF
Ayesha Khan, Riffat Jaleel, Farah Deeba Nasrullah
Clinical effect of peripherally inserted central catheters based on modified seldinger technique under guidance of vascular ultrasound PDF
Qingguo Wang, Ni Wang, Yuzhen Sun
Role of bevacizumab in the prevention of early postoperative haemorrhage after 25-gauge microincision vitrectomy surgery PDF
Zaheer Sultan, Fawad Rizvi, Faisal Qureshi, Asaad Mahmood
Plasma BNP level combined with surgical Apgar score to predict operative major cardiac adverse events in malignant obstructive jaundice patients PDF
Wei Yu, Changshan Huang, Qian Wang, Erjiang Zhao, Yuechao Ding, Tao Huang, Chao Ma, Bo Meng
Vision screening in children: Is 7-9 years ofage a threshold for visual impairment? PDF
Yusuf Haydar Ertekin, Murat Tekin, Aysegul Uludag, Sedat Arikan, Erkan Melih Sahin
Compressive strength and the effect of duration after photo-activation among dual-cure bulk fill composite core materials PDF
Fahad Alkhudhairy, Fahim Vohra
Association of rs1800668 polymorphism in glutathione peroxidase- 1 gene and risk of rheumatoidarthritis in Pakistani population PDF
Shazia Irfan, Asima Rani, Muhammad Arshad, Syed Kashif Nawaz, Maryam Sameem, Iram Liaqat
Effects of bisoprolol in combination with trimetazidine on the treatment of heart failure and concomitant chronic obstructive pulmonary disease PDF
Yuanyuan Ke, Dingli Xu, Minxiong Li, Zenglong Wu, Yongpeng Huang
Outcomes of first line chemotherapy in patientswith chronic lymphocytic leukemia PDF
Adil Nazir, Fawad ., Sheeraz Ali, Farhana Badar, Neelam Siddique, Abdul Hameed
No inhalation in combination with high frequency ventilation treatment in the treatment of neonatal severe respiratory failure PDF
Xiaohui Guo, Yanfeng Sun, Jing Miao, Min Cui, Jiangbo Wang, Shuzhen Han
Reflection of medical error highlighted on media in Turkey: A retrospective study PDF
Visual outcome of laser treatment in diabetic macular edema: Study from an Urban Diabetes Care Center PDF
Rashid Alvi, Muhammad Saleh Memon, A. Samad Shera, Seema N. Mumtaz, Sikander Ali Shaikh, Muhammad Faisal Fahim
Patient-specific depth of endotracheal intubation-from anthropometry to the Touch and Read Method PDF
Saecheol Oh, Seunguk Bang, Woojin Kwon, Jungwoo Shim
Effects of comprehensive rehabilitation training in combinationwith multi-mode analgesia on body function recovery after tumor-type knee replacement PDF
Junjuan Zhang, Yahan Wang, Guangyu Yang, Jing Liu, Junjie Wang
Association between 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D and volumetric breast density via a fully automated software VolparaTM in the reproductive age group PDF
Bushra Wasim Khan, Khalid M. Khan M Khan, Muhammad Abdul Samad
Diagnostic value and disease evaluation significance of abdominal ultrasound inspection for neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis PDF
Li Wang, Yinghui Li, Jian Liu
Effect of socio-cultural factors on spontaneousabortion in Burdur, Turkey: A population based case-control study PDF
Binali Catak, Can Oner, Sevinç Sutlu, Selcuk Kilinc
Comparison of parameters of bone profile and homocysteine in physically active and non-active postmenopausal females PDF
Sundus Tariq, Khalid Parvez Lone, Saba Tariq
Therapeutic effects of mifepristone combined withGestrinone on patients with endometriosis PDF
Hui-Ling Xue, Ning Yu, Jing Wang, Wan-Jiao Hao, Ye Li, Mei-Yun Liu
Problem solving, loneliness, depression levels and associated factors in high school adolescents PDF
Ummugulsum Sahin, Filiz Adana
Molecular epidemiology and clinical features of Hepatitis C Virus(HCV) in epidemic areas of Interior Sindh, Pakistan PDF
Shameem Bhatti, Sobia Manzoor
Uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy: An alternative surgical method for pulmonary carcinoma PDF
Yan Zhao, Fengwu Lin, Chuan Zhang, Qiang Zhang, Kunpeng Cheng
Alzheimer and vascular dementia in the elderly patients PDF
Naresh Kumar Seetlani, Narindar Kumar, Khalid Imran Mubeen, Asif Ali, Nadia Shams, Taha Sheikh
Pediatric tooth extractions under sedoanalgesia PDF
Ayse Hande Arpaci, Berrin Isik

Continous Medical Education

A New Model of Master of Philosophy in Physiological Sciences PDF
HR Ahmad, FM Arain, NA Khan

Case Reports

Resolution of pleura-peritoneal fistula via transient daytime ambulatory peritoneal dialysis regime (DAPD) – 8 years follow up PDF
Christopher Lim, Kah Mean Thong
Treatment of persistent congenital chylothoraxwith intrapleural injection of sapylin in infants PDF
Qing-Wang Hua, Zhi-Yong Lin, Xing-Ti Hu, Qi-Feng Zhao

Short Communication

Why cannot a β-lactamase gene be detected using an efficient molecular diagnostic method? PDF
Kwang Seung Park, Jung Hun Lee, Moonhee Park, Asad Mustafa Karim, Sang Hee Lee

Review Article

The importance of rehabilitation concerning upper extremity amputees: A Systematic Review PDF
Kardem Soyer, Banu Ünver, Seval Tamer, Özlem Güven Ülger