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Volume 26

October - December 2010

Number  4


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Comparison of Karydakis technique with Limberg Flap
Procedure in Pilonidal Sinus Disease:
Advantages of Karydakis technique

Settar Bostanoglu1, Ibrahim Sakcak2, Fatih Mehmet Avsar3,
Erdal Cosgun4, Enver Okan Hamamci5


Objective: Several surgical techniques are being performed in the treatment of pilonidal sinus disease; however there is no single agreed technique that could be used in all patients. In this study we compared the results of the patients on which we implemented Karydakis Technique and Limberg flap procedure, the two most common techniques and tried to find the better operative modality.

Methodology: One hundred thirty three patients operated between January 2004 and November 2008 and followed up regularly were included in the study. Patients who came applied due to recurrence were not included. Seventy three patients were operated with Karydakis technique and 60 patients were operated with Limberg flap procedure. Two groups were compared in terms of hospitalization period, work loss period, recurrence rate, infection rate, and whether seroma and hematom formed or not.

Results: Operation period, hospitalization period, work loss period were shorter for the patients on which Karydakis technique was implemented (P<0.05). While no statistically significant difference was observed between the two groups in terms of recurrence rate (P=0.034), wound dehiscence, wound infection, hematom/seroma rate were more in Limberg flap group (P=0.001, P=0.032, P=0.022, respectively).

Conclusion: Karydakis technique, which is one of the most practiced surgical techniques in treatment of Pilonidal sinus disease, should be a preferred method in terms of shorter operation time, hospitalization period and less work loss and lower complication.

KEY WORDS: Pilonidal disease, Karydakis technique, Limberg Flap, Complications.

Pak J Med Sci    October - December 2010    Vol. 26 No. 4    773-777

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Bostanoglu S, Sakcak I, Avsar FM, Cosgun E, Hamamci EO. Comparison of Karydakis technique with Limberg Flap Procedure in Pilonidal Sinus Disease: Advantages of Karydakis technique. Pak J Med Sci 2010;26(4):773-777

1. Dr. Settar Bostanoglu, MD,
2. Dr. Ibrahim Sakcak, MD,
3. Dr. Fatih Mehmet Avsar, MD,
4. Dr. Erdal Cosgun, PhD,
Dept. of Biostatistics, Medicine Faculty of Hacettepe University,
06100, Ankara, Turkey.
5. Dr. Enver Okan Hamamci, MD,
1-3, 5: Department of General Surgery, Numune Teaching and
Research Hospital,06100, Ankara, Turkey


Dr. Ibrahim Sakcak,
Cukurambar Mah, 42. Cadde Sancak Apartmani,
No: 11/7, 06600 Cankaya/Ankara,Turkey.

* Received for Publication: January 20, 2010
* Revision Received: July 30, 2010
* Revision Accepted: August 18, 2010


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