Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences


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Volume 26

October - December 2010

Number  4


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Incidence of back pain following spinal anesthesia and
its relationship to various factors in 176 patients

Mahmood Eidy1, Maarouf Ansari2,
Hamzeh Hosseinzadeh3, Khosro Kolahdouzan4


Objective: After neuraxial anesthesia, back pain is the most common complaint. The back pain may be related to needle trauma or surgical positioning or transient neurotoxicity of concentrated local anesthetics. The goal of this study was to compare the incidence of back pain following spinal anesthesia with hyperbaric lidocaine 5% and bupivacaine 0.5% and spinal needle insertion spaces.

Methodology: In this clinical trial after approving ethics committee and obtaining patients consent, we included 176 adult patients with physical status of I- II ASA from May 2006 to May 2008 undergoing various elective urologic surgeries under spinal anesthesia in Imam Hospital in Tabriz, Iran. Patients were allocated randomly in two equal groups. Group lidocaine, a nesthetized with hyperbaric 5% lidocaine and group bupivacaine. All patients were interviewed 6, 24, 48 hours after surgery for back pain.

Results: This study indicated no statistically significance difference in the incidence of back pain following spinal anesthesia considering age and frequency of needle puncture during spinal anesthesia. Incidence of back pain was higher in lidocaine group than bupivacaine group (31.82% vs. 18.18%; respectively; P<0.001).Incidence of back pain was higher in L3-4 interspace of needle insertion than L4-5 (23.7% vs. 12.8%, respectively; P<0.001). The intensity of back pain was slight and tolerable in 77% of the cases, and the back pain in all the patients lasted not more than 48 hours.

Conclusion: This study implies that the area of needle insertion and type of anesthetics have effects on the back pain following spinal anesthesia.

KEY WORDS: Bupivacaine, Lidocaine, Back pain, Spinal anesthesia, Spinal needle puncture.

Pak J Med Sci    October - December 2010    Vol. 26 No. 4    778-781

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Eidy M, Ansari M, Hosseinzadeh H, Kolahdouzan K. Incidence of back pain following spinal anesthesia and its relationship to various factors in 176 patients. Pak J Med Sci 2010;26(4):778-781

1. Mahmood Eidy,
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology,
2. Maarouf Ansari,
Instructors of Anesthesiology, Paramedical Faculty,
3. Hamzeh Hosseinzadeh,
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology,
4. Khosro Kolahdouzan,
Instructors of Anesthesiology,
1-4: Dept. of Anesthesiology, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences,
Tabriz, Iran


Maarouf Ansari,
* Received for Publication: November 11, 2009
* Revision Received: December 15, 2009
* Revision Accepted: June 23, 2010


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