Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences


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Volume 26

October - December 2010

Number  4


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Quality of research articles published
in Iranian Dental Journals

Sheibaninia A 1, Valaiee N 2, Bita Tavakoli 3, Azizi F 4,
Mohamadsadeghi Sh 5, Nourbakhsh M 6


Objective: To evaluate the quality pertaining to the various structural components and aspects of research articles published in Iranian journals of dentistry in the first six months of the year 2006.

Methodology: This descriptive study assessed the quality of 100 original articles published in Iranian Journals of dentistry in terms of their various structural components including abstracts, introductions, methodology, results, discussions and references. Based on 52 variables the articles were classified into three categories of "adequate", "relatively adequate" and "inadequate". Data analysis was done using Chi-square statistical test.

Results: The mean number of authors for each article was 2.9+0.84. Failure rate to report the "reliability" of the instrument of measurement was 96%, followed by failure to justify the sample size (93%). Justification for publication was not reported in 73% of the articles and 87% didnít cite the limitations and valuable findings of the study. No statistically significant association was found between the quality of published articles and study designs, number of authors and references (P<0.3).

Conclusion: Significant quality related issues of concern were observed in articles published in Iranian dental journals. Attention to and rectification of these, by authors, reviewers and editors will improve the quality of future publications.

KEY WORDS: Research methodology, Dentistry journals, Quality of research publications.

Note: The findings of this study were earlier published in Persian in intra Campus Journal.

Pak J Med Sci    October - December 2010    Vol. 26 No. 4    847-851

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Sheibaninia A, Valaiee N, Tavakoli B, Azizi F, Mohamadsadeghi Sh, Nourbakhsh M. Quality of research articles published in Iranian Dental Journals. Pak J Med Sci 2010;26(4):847-851

1. Sheibaninia A,
Department of Orthodontics,
2. Valaiee N,
Research Center of Thalassemia,
3. Bita Tavakoli,
Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnosis.
4. Azizi F,
Research Institute of Endocrine Sciences.
5. Mohamadsadeghi Sh,
Department of Plastic Surgery, 15 Khordad Hospital.
6. Nourbakhsh M,
Department of Fixed Prosthodontics.
1,3,6: Islamic Azad University,
Dentistry Branch,
Tehran, Iran.
2: Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences,
Sari, Iran.
4,5: Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences,
Tehran, Iran.


Dr. Bita Tavakoli,
Islamic Azad University,
Dentistry Branch,
Tehran, Iran.

* Received for Publication: May 3, 2010

* Revision Received: May 24, 2010

* Second Revision: July 13, 2010

* Final Revision Accepted: July 15, 2010


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