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Preterm birth in twin pregnancies: Clinical outcomes and predictive parameters

Zehra Nihal Dolgun, Cihan Inan, Ahmet Salih Altintas, Sabri Berkem Okten, Niyazi Cenk Sayin


Objective: To document the neonatal outcomes of preterm birth in twin pregnancies and to investigate whether perinatal and obstetric parameters are associated with clinical outcomes.

Methods: This retrospective trial was conducted on data gathered from 176 preterm twins delivered in the obstetrics and gynecology department of our tertiary care center. Data extracted from medical files of 88 pregnant women who gave preterm birth (at 260/7 to 366/7 gestational weeks) to twins were analyzed. Maternal/fetal descriptive and obstetric parameters, sonographic data, route of delivery, indication for cesarean section, birth weight, Apgar scores, head circumference, umbilical cord length and placental weight were noted.

Results: The average age of the pregnant women was 28.8±6.4 years and ultrasonographic gestational age was 31.9±2.6 weeks. Apgar scores at 1st minute were affected significantly by fetal body weight (p=0.001), gestational age (p=0.001), height (p=0.004) and head circumference (p=0.011). None of these variables exhibited a noteworthy effect on Apgar scores at 5th minute.

Conclusion: Efforts must be made to achieve advancement of gestational age until delivery in the follow-up preterm of twins.  A well-established algorithm with special emphasis to risk factors is necessary to standardize and popularize the appropriate management strategy.


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