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Educational impact of Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise: A game changer

Lamia Yusuf, Amina Ahmed, Raheela Yasmin


Background and objective: Workplace based assessment has a strong educational impact in terms of student’s clinical performance by steering their learning towards the desired learning outcomes. Educational impact is hardly measured in the sphere of medical education and this study is an attempt to measure educational impact of post graduate residents. The aim of this study was “To explore educational impact of Minicex (Mini-clinical evaluation exercise) on residents with respect to their learning”.

Methods: A mixed convergent parallel method was selected, participants were identified through non-probability convenience sampling, total 10 participants were chosen for data collection, all of them experienced four minicex encounters which generated their scores (the quantitative data), after first two Minicex encounters each participant was interviewed using a structured interview technique, similarly, after 3rd and 4th Minicex encounters. Data was entered in the SPSS version -21 to calculate descriptive statistics. Inferential statistics were determined using ANOVA to calculate improvement in score over time and P-value to report statistical significance. Qualitative analysis was done using thematic analysis approach with the help of themes based on interview questions: priori theme. NVIVO was used for triangulation of themes accordingly.

Results: The results indicate statistically significant improvement in scores and p values were considered significant at 0.05. Also, qualitative analysis provided reasons for improvement in scores and residents’ satisfaction such as feedback, motivation, self-directed learning, peer assisted learning.

Conclusion: The study concluded that residents learning behavior and ,their satisfaction from assessment method can be enhanced through work place based assessment particularly in context of minicex (mini-clinical evaluation exercise) so encouraging its use in similar situations. However, the scope for generalization of results remains limited owing to a small sample size.


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